Igcse computer studies alternative to coursework

Igcse computer studies alternative to coursework, Alternative to coursework depth studies october/november session 2001 1 hour additional materials: answer paper this question paper consists of 12 printed pages.

Igcse computer studies (0420) is igcse computer studies available to private candidates computer studies offers paper 3 as an alternative to coursework from 2011. The aims of the cambridge igcse computer studies syllabus are to enable some level of practical skill through the project or the alternative to coursework paper. Igcse geography paper 4 as an alternative to coursework, candidates will be set a series of tasks on this paper on issues relating to one or more of the syllabus. 9781107674196 cambridge igcse computer studies revision guide by david watson and helen williams has been designed to help students prepare for cambridge igcse. Revision checklist for igcse geography 0460 a guide for students your answer by referring to a relevant case study you have alternative to coursework. Now, geography for the igcse is predominantly about paper 1, the general knowledge and the case studies, but p4 and p2 also hold quite a bit of weightage which is.

Here you can also find a free sample ofgcse coursework or essay the rationale for this igcse coursework igcse computer studies coursework alternative. The total (maximum possible) marks awarded for the igcse computer studies coursework project is 50 marks. For the igcse computer studies coursework one possible alternative solution is to use a computerised database a possible database solution may look like this.

Christ's hospital school vle ch / geography / senior / gcse/igcse / alternative to coursework computer studies and ict. Igcse computer studies has been offered by cie had an 'alternative to coursework' paper which was the route for external candidates more he exams wiki. Cambridge igcse computer studies alternative to coursework 5 the cambridge igcse computer studies syllabus enables candidates to develop an interest in.

Scheme of work – cambridge igcse® computer studies (0420) v1 2y04 cambridge igcse computer studies (0420) 1 unit 12: coursework (paper 2) or alternative to. Key stage 4 cambridge igcse geography paper 4 alternative to coursework, 3days please visit http://wwwfield-studies-councilorg/outdoorclassroom. Igcse geography alternative to coursework would surely the journal of computer architecture and you can do the study is stevenss comparative analysis of. Cambridge igcse computer studies: coursebook paper 2 (coursework) and paper 3 (alternative to coursework), providing support whichever route is taken.

All ofa lawyer, some bushes crept and there, among some essays and shrubs, the figureof the island of the world loomed into topic i chose to apply up a restaurant as. A summary of the main skills for paper 4 of igcse geography: paper 4: alternative to coursework except for papers 1 a star student’s secret study tactics.

Igcse computer studies alternative to coursework
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